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Voche® Solar Ultrasonic Led Garden Animal Repeller Pest Control Cat Scarer Rodent Fox Deterrent

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This Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller by Voche® is ideal for keeping cats, dogs, foxes, rodents and other unwanted pests out of your garden in a safe and humane way.

Equipped with an infrared motion sensor the repeller blasts a range of ultrasonic sound when activated by a passing animal, it also has flashing LED strobe lights which scare away a wide variety of outdoor pests.


  • Frequency makes it uncomfortable for cat dogs foxes and rodents and stops them in their tracks
  • Stops cats, dogs fouling your garden
  • Frequency adjustment dial
  • Sensitivity adjustment dial
  • Fully waterproof repellent, they can be left out in any weather
  • PIR Motion Sensor detects movement within a 110 degree
  • Super bright LEDS
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Solar powered
  • Requires 3 X AA Rechargeable batteries (INCLUDED)
  • Can be powered with a 9V, 200mA power adaptor (NOT INCLUDED), when powered with an adaptor the PIR sensor will not work.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • No Poison, No Chemicals
  • Does no harm to the animals or pets.
  • Red LED: indicates the unit is activated


  • 5 Flashing white LED’s
  • PIR Sensor – detecting distance is around 8-9 metres
  • 110 degree detection range
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic frequency: 13.5kHz-45.5kHz
  • Dimensions (including stake): 36cm x 9.5cm x 5cm Approx.

Button “Frequency” position as below:

  • 0: OFF
  • 1: 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc.
  • 2: 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc.
  • 3: 24.5KHZ-45.5KHZ to repel animals such as bats, birds, rodents etc.
  • 4: Strong flashing lights to repel animals such as raccoon, boar, marten etc.
  • 5: All functions working, sweep frequency from mode 1- mode 2 – mode 3, and turn on strong flashing lights.

Voche® Brand – 5 Star Quality Assured.

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